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June 21, 2018

June 20, 2017

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On the Edge of Civil War - Muslims Enraged

June 19, 2017

The PAP strikes again! This time, wiith a slew of reforms on its policy on National Service (NS) and the adjustment of quotas to prevent followers of Islam from entering vocations such as cyber security and even serving less time in NS. On what agenda did the government do this? Why did they do it and did they not consider the implications of such reckless policy changes? Muslims are furious with the reforms and have begun organising and executing riots in key open grounds such as The Padang. How is the government going to resolve these tensions and review their actions? The NSCS is undergoing intensive discourse regarding the issue.


Ambiguity and pointless rhetoric is what’s going on in the parliament as the different groups in the NSCS are confused as to the agenda followed by the government in regard to the recent reforms. It has been later revealed that the government had done so based on statistics of prevalent crime and lower IQ scores among Muslim enlistees. It is shocking that the PAP believes that Muslims are stupid as compared to the other races in Singapore?!  Despite attempts to bring clarity to the debate, it seems that the course of action was not swift enough to prevent the self immolation of Muslim clerics. The NSCS has been outright of no use thus far in responding to this crisis with speed and effectiveness. Some of them are even confused!?


Here’s an interview with Mr Ong Ye Kung (2nd Minister of Defence).


Q: How do you think this session has progressed so far?


A: This session has been entirely incoherent and as of yet, no definite resolution or clear direction has been reached. I have not seen such an ineffective group of individuals in my whole life. This is a disgrace to Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy. He will not be proud.


Q: What do you think of your fellow colleagues’ attempts in resolving the issue?


A: MG Melvyn Ong was ineffective in gathering support for herself despite numerous attempts because she does not have proper command of peoples’ respect and lacks the charisma to gain any.


Q: Any comments on your radical ideological beliefs?


A: Coming from numerous job experiences, I am a veteran in such discussions. I have heard of far more radical and absurd ideas from other individuals whom I would not name. I wholeheartedly believe that my ideas are feasible and will solve all issues posed by the chair.


As we can see from the minister’s remarks, this whole issue has failed to take off in a productive direction and we remain at a stalemate.


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